Zenkast: Adding Extra Fun to Life

About Zenkast

Zenkast is a fun way to make predictions worthwhile. Often people predict the outcomes of certain events by calling their judgments based on what they know. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could actually make gains on their prediction being true? We hope it would be. Zenkast is a way for companies to engage their customers and employees into using their intelligence regarding a certain set of events. They could be sports related, political, stock market or any contest for that matter. Companies can use Zenkast to their use as a promotional scheme.

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To the contestants who get the predictions right, zenkast gifts discount coupon, goodies or anything depending on the sponsors. The companies can sponsor these schemes to promote their products or their brand.

How does this help? The fact that it is free and available for download as an app on the two leading app stores; their names being apple app store and google play, already opens it to a large number of mobile users. Secondly, it is absolutely free and user only needs a Facebook account to login into it. The fact that it is accessible to a majority of people makes it even more effective as a promotion tool.

Companies that are marketing their product can use it, or it could also be used as CRM service for kiosks model franchising business. Not only this, companies or restaurants offering coupons or discounts can also promote themselves. It could also be very effective in new customer acquisition or offering loyalty rewards.With Zenkast the possibilities are endless as it is not limited to any specific business. Almost everyone can use it by offering their brand for promotion to the people.