TIU investigating matches reported for Grand Slams 2016

Grand Slams 2016

The Tennis Integrity Unit is busy investigating two matches reported at grand slams 2016 this year. Out of the two grand slam alerts reported – one is for Wimbledon and the other one for US Open. The details for one of the match have been disclosed by TIU i.e. US Open first round match played between Vitalia Diatchenko and Timea Bacsinszky when irregular betting patterns were reported later.

TIU (Tennis Integrity Unit) based out at London was established in the year 2008 to keep a check on the corruption and any other irregularities in the matches. Their network of reporting works through the regulators and betting organizations who keep them posted about noticing doubtful betting patterns.

Grand Slams 2016: 96 match fixing alerts in 3 months

If news is to be believed then a total of 96 alerts have been received by Tennis Integrity Unit in a span of three months from July till September. In line with what TIU said, there are very few such alerts received by them for grand slams and following the trend, only two matches have been reported this year. The investigation being conducted is confidential and the conclusion will be declared once the scrutiny is completed.

Reasons behind suspicious betting patterns

Tennis Integrity Unit also declared that an alert on its own cannot be taken for granted as a concrete evidence that the matches were fixed so jumping to conclusions without any scrutiny is a mere waste. They strongly believe that irregular betting patterns are not only the result of match fixing but there are other factors as well that can result in suspicious patterns like player fitness, playing conditions, well informed betting and incorrect odds setting.

Grand Slams 2016: Wait for the scrutiny to be over

Wimbledon and US Open are the two biggest names in the gaming world and accepting any allegations just like that is insane. Till the time the fixing allegation is scrutinized, it would be incorrect to declare and accept that the matches were fixed. When it is about big names then the chances of fake news also increases. Considering the respective factors and conditions in mind, the investigation is on at the right pace and the results would be shared soon either condemning the charges or accepting them.

Stay tuned for the result to be declared soon!!!


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