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Creating Club Profile

Unless you edit and complete your profile, it will not become live on our website.

Complete Profile:

Before you start on editing your profile, keep few things handy.

  • Your club logo in square shape. We recommend minimum 200px by 200px.
  • Banner for your page : 780×220 px
  • Choose appropriate category & subcategory.

Add Venue:

You might have multiple venues for your events. Add venue details alongwith venue manager etc.

When you add longitude and latittude of your venue, we make it map with your fans to find you easy. You can also add your multiple office or store addresses and we will trigger your fans to visit you!

These venue details will be available for you under event creation, thus saving your valuable time!

Add Member:

Add your team members, players etc. to showcase your talents! Add their photo & designation for the world to recognize them!

With this your page will be live on the website!

As you keep using zenkast, more and more features will open up for you!

Yes, we have gamified your experience.

True to our word, we have gamified everything for you and your communities.

Our motto is more you play, more successful you become!

Updated on January 1, 2018

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