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Gamification Use cases for corporate

Gamification provides instant access to performance feedback. For example, if you are using a very basic gaming component such as a leader-board after a quiz, the user immediately knows where they stand among their peers.

Gamification can build employee engagement. One way to do this is by using a badge-based system within the organization the rewards employees for various activities. Taking this one step further, you can allow employees to “cash-in” these badges and points for real benefits.

Gamification can boost productivity. Implementing a reward system based on a specific set of activities can encourage employees to perform pre-defined tasks in an orderly fashion.

Gamification can increase learning retention. Be it with rewards or through friendly competition, gamification helps employees better internalize the content as they relate to it differently than just reading a job aid or watching a training video – both of which represent one direction communication.

Boost productivity

40% increase in customer service response rate

Improve employee engagement

80% voluntary participation rates by employees

Reduced Absenteeism

24% higher attendance rate for employees

Increase knowledge

30% average knowledge increase for players

Increase sales

12% increase in cross-selling

Influence behavior

55% drop in safety incidents

Speed up time to competency

50% increase in completions for gamified learning

Updated on March 21, 2018

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